Have you struggled to book a dentist appointment?

Shocking figures have revealed that nine in 10 dental practices across the UK are not accepting new adult NHS patients – but are you struggling to book an appointment?

Millions are finding it impossible to access routine inspections, extractions or treatment for tooth and gum disease.

A survey conducted by the BBC found the crisis is particularly bad in Yorkshire and the Humber, the North West and the South West of England, with 98 percent of practices not accepting new adult patients.

Meanwhile, eight in 10 practices are not taking on children and one in 10 local authorities have no practices accepting under-16s.

Some patients are travelling abroad for dental care as treatment in the UK is becoming increasingly inaccessible.

Desperate people have been forced to perform ‘DIY dentistry’ to handle the pain, with some making teeth out of resin and sticking them to their teeth with superglue.

The British Dental Association’s general dental practice committee chairman, Shawn Charlwood, said: “We’re seeing the results of years of chronic neglect, set into overdrive by the pressures of the pandemic

“Without real reform and fair funding NHS dentistry will die, and our patients will pay the price.”